Who Does She Think She Is?

MARGAUX WILDER has the audacity to offer advice to mid-lifers right now, in a crazy, changing, scary, and exciting world, and she charges exactly what it’s worth.

She describes her advice style as a bit “Dear Sugar,” (Cheryl Strayed, before she went ‘Wild,’) a dash of Dan Savage (and uses all his neo-jisms [sic!]) a dollop of Cary Tennis from Salon (without the literal, but plenty of metaphorical balls) a pinch of ‘ Dear Prudence,’ (because she heeded the call to come out and play), and even some good old-fashioned ‘Dear Abby/Ann Landers,’ because she knows that her intended audience is old enough to get the reference.

She — okay, who do we think we’re kidding with the third person narrative? Am I supposed to get you to believe that someone else wrote this? Like the Playbill bios of actors, it’s a silly affectation, and I’ll have none of that, if you please. At least not right now.

Right now I’m busy offering solicited advice, first from my beleaguered pals, because that’s where I have to start, and then hopefully from you: mid-lifers who would like an opinion on a situation that is causing you concern. And that’s really what I’m offering. That, and some hopefully amusing stories about my life, and probably some links, because one of the many things we Oldsters forget? We can google it.

So please feel free to send a question, a problem, a paradox, or only one Doc as Groucho would say, waggling his brows, and I’ll roll up my sleeves, grab a snack, and give you, at the very least, something to read, and reading, as that great old broad Carol Burnett used to remind us, is fundamental.

And I like to think I put both the ‘fun’ and the ‘mental’ in, ‘fundamental!’

Peace in, peace out, peace shake it all about. rumi_quote_famous_spiritual_author_sufi_mystic_postcardp239501947918618273baanr_400


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